About Us

Boston, Massachusetts based 2XChromosome was started in 2020 by Founder and CEO Betsey Silvester to create a brand of personal care products that merge high-performance standards with natural materials and ingredients, free of unnecessary chemicals. The company is committed to reducing environmental pollutants and excessive waste, as well as providing complete disclosure about ingredients and product composition.

2XChromosome furthers personal care options available to women, with the convenience of having products sent directly to your home.

Global Health Solutions

We Have High Standards


First and foremost, our period and personal care products are functional and reliable. You should not have to choose between a natural product and one that is effective. Our personal care products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet specific benchmark performance standards and are manufactured in advanced, FDA registered facilities.


Our pads, tampons, and wipes are free of unnecessary and questionable chemicals in the manufacturing process, like chlorine. Also eliminated are artificial scents and deodorants. We source organic cotton to eliminate pesticides and herbicides in crop growth.

Through this method of removing chemicals, the risk of discomfort to your body’s most sensitive areas is reduced. Additionally, our tampons have a special security veil to prevent fiber shedding inside your body, which further reduces irritation.


A full ingredient list or total composition is detailed on our website and on every package. You need not wonder what is inside your personal care products. By giving consumers full disclosure, women can make the best choices about the right products for their bodies.

Environmentally Sound

It is the responsibility of industry to manufacture and source products for consumers that are biodegradable, reusable, or recyclable whenever possible. We continually challenge our suppliers to provide materials and packaging that will have no negative impact on the environment.


We strive to promote a positive self-image for women and girls. Menstruation is a biological function that must be normalized within our global culture. Humans have been menstruating since the dawn of time, and it is one of many core biological mechanisms by which our planet has become populated.

Too often, those who menstruate have been made to feel embarrassed, unclean, and restricted in movement. 2XChromosome is committed to removing stereotypes associated with menstruation and creating a powerful self-perception for women.

Helping Others

2XChromosome is committed to giving back. To that end, we have partnered with registered 501(c)(3) non-profit leadership, executive directors, educators, and health care professionals who are providing guidance as to the need in various communities, and among vulnerable populations, so that our personal care products may be given to those experiencing hardships.