Giving Back Spotlight: Rural West County Massachusetts

By 2XChromosome

It is vital at 2XChromosome that we give back to communities in need. One of our core target areas for donations is rural America where women and girls have fewer options for accessing healthcare, travel greater distances to purchase period products and, due to predominantly lower income levels, may not be able to afford menstrual care products.

In keeping with our emphasis on rural donations, we are partnering with the Mary Lyon Foundation, a highly regarded 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, to provide our products to women in need. The Mary Lyon Foundation has served the rural Massachusetts West County area, comprised of the western Hill Towns of Franklin County, for the past 29 years and has consistently advocated for the health care needs of the community. In some areas of West County, the drive to the nearest hospital is 55 minutes and the closest pharmacy is 40 minutes away.

Executive Director Dr. Susan B. Samoriski states that, “through our core programs and outreach to families in rural communities, we are pleased to provide menstrual care products free of charge to those in need. We greatly appreciate the support of 2XChromosome, and we eagerly look forward to working closely with one of our newest corporate partners.” 

In addition to community outreach, Samoriski says that a close relationship with local school district nurses in the kindergarten to 12th grade age group continues to be a key factor in the Mary Lyon Foundation’s ability to reach lower income families and, particularly, women and girls. The school nurses play a key role in rural communities, providing vital health education classes to children that include topics like human biology and menstruation, as well as providing a confidential and caring environment for children to ask questions about health concerns.  Through the public school district educational system, as well as through community outreach, 2X Chromosome is dedicated to providing the highest quality personal care products to deserving women and girls in rural America.

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